Create Remarkable, Useful Content

Content is pivotal to your digital marketing strategy. It drives traffic to your website, and raises its authority and rank. Remarkable content keeps visitors glued to your site, triggers a high return rate, and attracts inbound links.

Spread across all your online assets, content is of prime importance on websites and blogs. It should pertain to the topics that interest and excite your target audience, and address the issues/problems that they face.

For the development and maintenance of content in a collaborative environment, it is advisable to use a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

These applications as well as analytic tools such as Google Analytics can help identify the content on your website that is attracting the greatest attention.

Listed below are some key ingredients for creating noteworthy content on the internet. You will note that many of these components are not markedly different from good writing in general.

  • Engaging title.
  • Simple, crisp, easy to read content.
  • Engaging and useful content.
  • Use of multi-media (visuals, videos etc.).
  • Personalized/customized content, taking customers with different needs to different pages.
  • Training materials such as how-to videos, webinars etc. to impart knowledge, train and generate leads.
  • Call-to-action triggers to lead customers to desired actions.
  • Fluid and multidirectional flow that links to related, relevant pages within and outside your website. Refrain from using Brochureware on your sites, i.e. do not replicate printed brochures or media advertisements, in their original passive, linear state.

Singer Video

Exhibit 21.5 Singer uses videos, such as this one on bobbins, to train consumers on how-to sew.

Singer’s YouTube brand channel serves as an example of well-crafted, engaging content. It is a training ground where customers learn how-to sew from training videos such as the one shown in Exhibit 3.5. An ideal location for those who are new to sewing, the channel’s discussion page has the potential to become a forum where consumers seek advice and assistance, and help and guide each other.

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Digital Marketing Workshop

Digital Marketing Workshop

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What they SHOULD TEACH at Business Schools

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