Organic Marketing — Best Practices

Bearing in mind that the Facebook algorithm is doing what it is intended to do, to secure high reach you need to create remarkable content, spark interactions with call-to-action triggers, use more video and audio, and keep the posts short.

Facebook Organic Marketing — Best Practices

Exhibit 14.5 Remarkable content, such as this post on “healthcare heroes” during the Covid 19 outbreak, engenders affinity.

  • Remarkable Content: Create content that engenders greater affinity with your fan base, and content that your fans find interesting and useful. For instance the post on “healthcare heroes”, Exhibit 14.5, by the Singer Sewing Company, during the Covid 19 outbreak.
  • Attract: Use attention grabbing headlines.
  • Entertain: People usually go on social media to relax and amuse themselves. You should communicate your interesting and useful content in a way that entertains.
  • Keep it short: People are more likely to read and respond if the posts are brief.
  • Call-to-Action: To spark interactions you need to have call-to-action triggers, hashtags and website links.
  • Go Visual: Video is weighted favourably by Facebook algorithms. Visual content also engenders greater affinity with fans.
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