Digital Marketing — Preview


Digital Marketing - Garnier employs inbound marketing strategies.

Exhibit 19.1   By providing useful skincare tips and information, Garnier employs inbound marketing strategies to attract potential customers and establish itself as an authoritative brand in the industry.

As marketers embrace digital marketing, they need a multi-pronged strategy to attract, convert and retain customers. They must draw customers on the web, by serving useful, relevant and interesting content, even as they continue also to rely on conventional media to push products to customers.

This chapter imparts an understanding of how to thrive in the digital age, covering a range of topics related to digital tools, techniques, processes, as well as opportunities and challenges. The discussion includes new perspectives and requirements that marketers must embrace to be successful, as well as how to gain visibility in cyberspace.

The chapter emphasizes the importance of creating content that exploits the internet’s potential, utilizing techniques such as personalization and influencer or buzz marketing. It also delves into the nuances and intricacies of online advertising, including the key challenges that marketers face.

Furthermore, the chapter provides an overview of digital advertising, including ad formats, targeting, pricing, mobile advertising, search advertising, and social media advertising. These topics are explored in greater depth within the context of social networks and search engines in the chapters on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Search Marketing.


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Digital Marketing Workshop

Digital Marketing Workshop

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Marketing Analytics Workshop

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