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Execution of digital marketing plan

Exhibit 28.1   IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) provide the tools to automate and simplify the development of websites.


Often marketers are building cyber assets — websites, blogs, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, YouTube brand channels and so on — without a clear sense of purpose. Not much thought goes into the strategy or the execution. This results in a collection of disconnected properties that diffuse and disorient their brand and confuse customers.

To prevent such an outcome, it is vital to have a cohesive strategy that integrates offline and online brand assets in a well-co-ordinated manner. That your brand’s communication and imagery remain intact as customers move across media platforms, and yet each channel contributes incrementally to brand equity.

Digital Marketing Plan

The principles of an effective marketing strategy apply both online and offline. You need to segment your market, target your customers, differentiate, and execute. In a world of multiple digital media platforms, it is equally crucial to define clear digital marketing goals and roles for your online assets.

To implement your strategy, you need a well-crafted execution plan that includes the following building blocks:

  1. Create: Build digital assets and generate content.
  2. Optimize: Conduct research, listen to your customers, and optimize your content for search engines.
  3. Advertise and promote: Advertise your brand and promote it across digital media channels.
  4. Convert: Generate and nurture leads to acquire new customers.
  5. Review: Monitor performance and accordingly refine or tweak your strategy.

The goals and functions of each of these building blocks is explained in the following sections.


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