Native Advertising

Native advertising example - IBM analytics

Exhibit 28.7 IBM analytics advertises to author of books on analytics via LinkedIn.

Native advertising example - Julius Baer

Exhibit 28.8 Julius Baer advertises in The New York Times.

Native advertising (see exhibits 28.7 and 28.8) differs from interruptive advertising as it blends with the content on advertising platforms, making it less disruptive to the user experience. This form of advertising is particularly popular on social media platforms, with examples including Facebook’s promoted posts, LinkedIn’s sponsored updates, and Twitter’s promoted tweets.

As with other forms of advertising, targeted native ads tend to be more effective. For instance, the LinkedIn sponsored IBM analytics ad in Exhibit 28.7 is well-targeted to an author who has published books on marketing analytics. This ensures that the ad reaches a relevant audience who are more likely to engage with the content.

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