Search Advertising

Search engines are the prime source of customers to your web sites, and they send them to you, at the time when the customers are seeking information of relevance to your business. Search advertising can therefore be very effective in driving business initiatives such as sales.

The key options are Google Ads, Bing Ads and Yahoo! Search Ads.

Considering that search represents about half of total digital advertising spend (49.8% in 2016), it is important that advertisers understand their impact and optimize their efforts.

Here are some of the practices that can improve the effectiveness of search marketing:

  • Conduct keyword research through tools such as Google Ads Keyword Planner. Use the research to identify the words and phrases that draw your target customers, yield financial gains or meet other corporate objectives.
  • Target your valuable customers.
  • Link your advertisements to the web pages with call-to-action triggers that are most relevant to the targeted prospects.
  • Use different landing pages for different personas.
  • Bid on your brand name.
  • Bidding on your competitor’s brand name may be an effective strategy if your competitor is a much stronger player in your market.
  • Use Google’s Google Ads Keyword Planner tool to estimate search volume, and predict the cost of running paid campaigns for specific words and phrases. Other resources that can provide this information include Moz ( and HubSpot.
  • Use analytics to test different key terms, and assess the performance and ROI of your search. The metrics you should track for this purpose include impressions, visitors and converts. Use the rate of conversion to estimate profit.
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