YouTube Marketing - Analytics on YouTube Studio

Exhibit 23.1   Analytics on YouTube Studio.


Video is taking over cyberspace, and YouTube is at the forefront. The platform is becoming more channel-centric as users subscribe to brand channels that impart useful information and provide entertainment.

For publishers, YouTube Studio provides up-to-date, real-time performance analytics for videos (Exhibit 23.1), and generates reports on reach, engagement and audience measures for information on watch duration, demographics, and traffic sources.

This chapter on YouTube marketing focusses on advertising on the network, and on brand channels.


Almost a third of the world’s population watches video on YouTube (2022), and the time they spend on the platform has been increasing over the years. The sheer volume of traffic (5 billion videos watched per day) that these users generate, makes YouTube the world’s second largest search engine.

The scale and diversity of the platform, summarized by the below statistics, offers tremendous opportunities for marketers to reach consumers:

User base: Number of monthly active users 2.6 B (2022).

Demographics: Over 50% female. Over the years usage has been highest among young adults ages between 18 to 35, but it is growing at a faster pace among older adults.


  • 500 hours of new content is uploaded to YouTube every minute (2019).
  • 250 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube every single day spread across about 5 billion videos. (Equivalent to 3 min per video).
  • Average viewing 42 min/day. This is significantly higher than Facebook (33 min/day) and Instagram (24 min/day).
  • Average session duration is almost 30 min according to Statista.


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