YouTube Marketing — Singer Sewing Company

Exhibit 16.2   Singer Sewing Company’s “it takes an icon to make a legend” (SINGER® and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Costume Inspiration) video.

Singer Sewing Company (Exhibit 16.0) uses YouTube to exhibit its sewing machines. The brand page’s prime purpose is to serve as a forum for people to learn how to sew. A training ground replete with nearly eight hundred tutorial videos (source Social Blade), the channel has tutored many of the over 52 million viewers (as of February 2021) who visited the platform since its inception in December 2009.

The platform also reinforcing Singer’s portrayal of sewing as a creative and enjoyable activity, inspiring the young to make garments to express their unique personality.

The video “it takes an icon to make a legend” (Exhibit 16.2) exemplifies what Singer is trying to achieve.

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