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Exhibit 23.2   With 10.6 million subscribers in November 2022, and thousands of popular videos that garner several millions views, GoPro’s brand channel is a powerful medium to showcase the company’s products.

A YouTube Brand Channel is a place where consumers can engage with brands on YouTube and learn about products and service. People can watch the brand’s videos, add and read comments, subscribe, friend and share the channel with others.

For instance, GoPro’s YouTube channel (Exhibit 23.2) unveils a slew of exciting videos that showcase their products. Their playlist includes a few thousand videos across 30 different categories of interest to their customers. Many of these videos have been viewed several million times, and some over 100 million times.

With over 22 million subscribers, TED Talks is one of the most successful channels on YouTube. It is also one with considerable engagement on its Community page.

The Community tab is where brands can create a forum. It is where their fans can connect, exchange views, and share feelings and ideas. They could also seek advice and assistance and help guide each other.

YouTube Marketing — Singer Sewing Company

Exhibit 23.3   Singer Sewing Company’s brand channel has a collection of thousands of videos, the popular ones viewed millions of times. Videos such as “it takes an icon to make a legend” (SINGER® and Maleficent) video and “For the Loud at Heart” (SINGER® and Cruella) are intended to inspire creativity in the designing of garments.

Singer Sewing Company (Exhibit 23.3) uses YouTube to exhibit its sewing machines. The brand page’s prime purpose is to serve as a forum for people to learn how to sew. A training ground replete with thousands of tutorial videos, the channel has tutored millions of viewers. As of 2022, the company’s videos have been viewed over 66 million times since the inception of the channel in December 2009.

The platform effectively promotes Singer’s portrayal of sewing as a creative and enjoyable activity, inspiring the young to express their individuality through garment-making. This is exemplified in videos (Exhibit 23.3) such as “It Takes an Icon to Make a Legend” (SINGER® and Maleficent — Mistress of Evil Costume Inspiration) and “For the Loud at Heart” (SINGER® and Cruella), which associate Singer with the creative and stylish garments featured in these films and imbue the brand with a sense of inspiration and innovation, encouraging viewers to explore their own creativity and individuality through garment-making.

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