Exhibit 14.1   Consumers perceive the pack as the product.

Think of a product. For instance, Coca-Cola. The image that usually comes first to mind is the pack. Which is why packaging plays such a crucial role in building the brand’s image and in driving sales.

Packaging encounters the consumer at a critical moment — the moment, at the shelf, when they are about to make a purchase decision. This is when the packaging must sell the product. It is not only an essential component of the product but also a form of advertising. Good packaging augments advertising efforts in building brand equity and generating sales, while inferior packaging can weaken brand performance.

As media advertising has become more fragmented, and media costs have increased, brands are relying relatively less on traditional media for advertising support. This increases the importance of packaging as a key element of the advertising campaign.

Packaging not only communicates the product’s features and benefits but also helps the brand stand out on the shelf, increasing the chances of a consumer choosing it over its competitors.

Consumer research supports marketers through the stages of development of packaging including review, exploration, screening and optimization, and validation. It helps them identify the functional and graphic elements of the design that break through the visual clutter on-shelf, improve the communication and strengthen the brand’s image.


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