Quantitative Research, Customer Satisfaction Research


The use of the internet for quantitative research emerged and grew in the 1990s. In the early days there were doubts about its efficacy — Was it representative? Yet, as confidence in its use grew, online research experienced explosive growth, and today, according to the ESOMAR industry reports, online is the most widely used method worldwide for quantitative research.

New technologies also allow for improvements in data processing capabilities and overall speed of delivery. The move to online reporting offers numerous advantages, including speed, cost, flexibility, reliability, security and accessibility. A well designed online reporting system can be far more elegant and easier to use than comparable offline systems.

For example this dashboard illustrates the use of a single interface to sift through the multiple services and touch points in a ficticious customer experience study.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Market Intelligence and Data Visualization
Custom designed, interactive, automated, online dashboards that allow for the integration and visualization of market knowledge from diverse sources, in a manner that makes it easy to access and digest.

Consumer Analytics

Consumer Analytics, Loyalty and Consumer Panels
Analysis of continuous individual/household level (customer level) behavioural data to address business issues.

Retail Tracking, Scan Track

Scan Track and Retail Analytics
Dashboards and analytic solutions for reading/analysing retail audit/scan track data; and techniques for analysis of continuous outlet level transaction and shopper data to address business issues.

Retail Measurement Service - Data Processing and Data Visualization platforms

Retail Measurement Service - Processing and Visualization
Automated data projection, data processing and data visualization system for retail measurement services.


Promotion Evaluation
Analytic techniques/dashboards for evaluating consumer promotions in terms of gains in volume value and profit; estimating discount price elasticity, price cross elasticity, decomposing sales, and applying due-to and what-if analysis.


Market Mix Modelling
Assess impact of the elements of the mix, on sales and ROI.

customer satisfaction research

Quantitative Research, Customer Satisfaction Research
Custom designed solutions for data processing and reporting with a working example of an interactive, automated online dashboard for Customer Satisfaction Research.


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