Web Server

Web Servers and server operating systems. Dell PowerEdge T440.

Exhibit 28.4 Dell PowerEdge T440 web server.

A web server is a computer that hosts and serves webpages to users. It is identified by an IP (Internet Protocol) address, such as Most web servers use domain names that are easy to remember, such as prop-gpt.com, to map IP addresses.

When a user types a URL, such as https://www.prop-gpt.com, into their browser’s address bar, a request is sent to the web server associated with that domain name to serve the default page, such as index.html or index.php, to the browser.

While an ordinary computer, such as a laptop, can be turned into a web server by installing server software and connecting it to the internet, a commercial server, such as the one shown in Exhibit 28.4, is recommended for business use. Commercial servers are powerful, heavy-duty computers capable of storing a large number of files and transferring them quickly over the internet.

The most popular server operating system is Linux, a Unix-like OS with hundreds of versions or distributions, including Ubuntu, a freeware that is easy to use, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and its free version CentOS), Fedora (sponsored by RHEL), and Debian, also a free, open-source software. Other popular server OSs include Windows Server and Mac OS X Server.

Apache, IIS, and Nginx are the most widely used web server software. These software programs handle requests from browsers and serve web pages, applications, and other content to users.

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