Social Listening

Meltwater’s social listening platform

Exhibit 28.5 Meltwater’s social listening platform.

Google Alerts - Social Listening

Exhibit 28.6 Google Alerts.

The importance of social listening is highlighted in Section Social Listening, Chapter New Media and in Section New Media, New Imperatives, Chapter Digital Marketing.

User generated content (UGC) on the internet can inspire new ideas, thoughts and perspectives, that could aid the development of new products. This is covered in Section Benefits and Limitations of UGC, Chapter Qualitative Research. In the same chapter, Section The iSnack 2.0 Saga, provides examples of the impact UGC.

As elaborated in the abovementioned sections, conversations on the internet impact the health and security of brands. To protect your brand, it is important that you monitor the online conversations and remain engaged in the dialogue. For this purpose, you should rely on social listening tools such as some of the better-known products listed here:

Besides the analytics and research reports, these tools continually post keyword search results to your email inbox. For instance, by creating the alert “Dove Bottle” on Google Alerts (Exhibit 28.6), a content change detection and notification service, you would request to be alerted by email, on a regular basis, whenever a new post containing the words “Dove Bottle”, appears on the internet.

In addition to keyword monitoring and search capabilities, many of these tools can perform sentiment analysis and provide data filtering and visualization. Some platforms also use analytical rule-based algorithms to classify and prioritize conversations that need attention. All of these facilities are useful for monitoring conversations related to your brands, products, and marketing initiatives.

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