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Exhibit 28.1   IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) provide the tools to automate and simplify the development of websites.

Website Builders - WiX, an  easy-to-use application for creating websites.

Exhibit 28.2 WiX, an easy-to-use application for creating websites.

Social networks offer users a convenient way to create personal and business pages and channels on their platforms. On the other hand, building your own website requires more effort, but there are software tools available that make it relatively easy to do so.

If your organization is relatively small and you are seeking a simple and easy-to-use solution, a website builder application might be worth considering. There are several such apps available, including:

These apps provide predefined layout and style templates, making it easy to build a website. However, they have limited customization options and may be too constraining for bigger businesses.

More advanced applications like Adobe Dreamweaver and Expression Web offer a host of features that allow developers to custom design web pages. These platforms are not as user-friendly as website builder apps and require an understanding of languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

NetBeans, an IDE platform for developing websites.

Exhibit 28.3 NetBeans, an IDE platform for developing websites.

To develop more sophisticated sites, developers prefer the versatility of IDE (integrated development environment) platforms. For instance, the Studio Fine Art site (Exhibit 28.1) was developed using the Apache NetBeans IDE. Some popular IDEs for web development include:

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