Promote on Social Media

Social media drives content distribution and generates brand visibility. It is also of prime importance to marketers for building relationships with customers and prospects.

Among the plethora of social platform options, the most important ones are social networking sites like Facebook and Google+, microblogging services like Twitter, content sharing services like YouTube and Instagram, and LinkedIn, the business and employment-oriented networking site.

Here are some guidelines for promoting on social media:

  • Select those platforms where your customers hang out.
  • Use channels that blend with your brand’s image.
  • Remain engaged. Regularly update your content, and interact with customers.
  • Encourage associates and customers to engage, i.e., create content, comments or likes.
  • Distinguish your social networks through choice of content and style of presenting. At LinkedIn for instance, you may prefer long-form content with the intent of building your company’s reputation as a thought-leader. On the other hand, on Facebook you may want to share information about brand building events and social activities.
  • Consider paying for distribution. For instance with Facebook, marketers can use advertising schemes to substantially boost their posts.
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