Retargeting example - Tamara Lounge in The Washington Post

Exhibit 28.9 Retargeting ad by Tamara Lounge in The Washington Post.

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a powerful form of online advertising that targets prospects who have previously interacted with your online content. It is less intrusive because the ads are usually directed to prospects who have already expressed some level of interest in your product or service. By gauging your prospects’ online behaviours and interactions, you can retarget them with relevant ads at the right time and place.

The most common method of retargeting is through your website’s visitors. This is achieved by placing a tracking pixel on your website and using a few lines of code to track visitors as they surf other sites on the internet. You can then retarget them with relevant advertisements, reminding them of their previous interest in your product or service. Prospects who have registered on your website or downloaded product or service information, such as a brochure or eBook, are also ideal candidates for retargeting. You need to nurture these leads in order to convert them into customers.

Exhibit 28.9 serves as an example of retargeting by Tamara Lounge in The Washington Post.

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