Digital Marketing Exercise

Evaluate the HomeFinder property portal or your company’s website in the context of the site’s objectives, its target audience, and its content, structure and design.


  • What are your organization’s key digital marketing objectives? (What do you think they ought to be?)
  • What role does the website play in achieving these objective?

Target audience

  • What are your company’s key market segments and customer groups?
  • Describe the profile of one or two key customer groups.
  • What customer profiles or personas does the website target? (What customer profiles or personas do you think it should target?)

Website Grading

Use a website grading facility such as HubSpot’s Website Grader ( to grade your site.


  • Choose two distinct personas (customer profiles). What information are these customers most interested in? What are the 5 most common question asked by them?
  • Does your company’s website personalize your customers’ experiences?
  • Are there different landing pages and content pages for each of the personas?
  • Are these pages tailored to address the distinct information needs to each of the targeted customer profiles?
  • Does the site answer the most frequently asked customers’ questions?

Content and Design

  • Is the content engaging, simple, crisp and easy to read?
  • Does the content differ distinctly from the company’s printed brochures or media advertisements, or is it brochureware?
  • Is the site’s flow multidirectional? How well does it link to related, relevant pages within and outside your web site?
  • To what extent is the web site effectively using multi-media including videos, images, apps and so on?
  • In what ways can the site be more effective in generating leads?
  • What training materials such as how-to videos, webinars etc. are found on the website?
  • What call-to-action triggers are located on the website?
  • Which social media platforms does your company use to engage with customers? How effective is it in using these platforms? How does content differ across the platforms?
  • Briefly list out the features that help to optimize the web site for search engines (SEO).

Competition Benchmarking

Compare, contrast and rate your company’s digital marketing strategy to that of one of your competitors, in terms:

  • Targeting customers
  • Personalization
  • Content
  • Design

Recommendation: What should your company do to improve their web site?

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Note: To find content on MarketingMind type the acronym ‘MM’ followed by your query into the search bar. For example, if you enter ‘mm consumer analytics’ into Chrome’s search bar, relevant pages from MarketingMind will appear in Google’s result pages.

Digital Marketing Workshop

Digital Marketing Workshop

Two-day hands-on training on Digital Marketing, conducted at the NUS Business School. Designed to make you more effective in developing and executing digital marketing strategies. You learn to use Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google Ads to execute online marketing initiatives, run search and display advertising campaigns, and track and optimize performance.

What they SHOULD TEACH at Business Schools

What they SHOULD TEACH at Business Schools

Is marketing education fluffy too?

Experiential Learning via Simulators | Best Way to Train Marketers

Experiential Learning via Simulators | Best Way to Train Marketers

Marketing simulators impart much needed combat experiences, equipping practitioners with the skills to succeed in the consumer market battleground. They combine theory with practice, linking the classroom with the consumer marketplace.