Gated Offers

Of considerable importance from the viewpoint of generating and nurturing leads, are the offers on your website. Offers may include eBooks, videos, presentations, webinars, demos, and free/trial products or services. These offers may be openly accessible, or they may be gated.

A gated offer is one that requires the user to fill out information in a form. Its purpose is to generate leads. As such, the offer should serve as a conversation starter that could lead to a sale. It should favourably influence your prospects so that they are primed to accept your products and services.

Gating comes with pros and cons. It is estimated that gated content is 20 to 50 times less likely to be downloaded. Moreover, since gating blocks out search engines, the SEO value of the content is lost. It becomes harder to earn links.

The key to getting better results with gated content is to minimize the form size by reducing the number of fields.

On the upside, gating yields useful information that can provide some context to the leads. Though it substantially reduced the numbers, the leads obtained in this manner, i.e. the prospects who are willing to share their personal details, tend to have stronger interest in your product offering.

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