Performance Metrics — Digital Marketing Plan

Exhibit 21.12 Google Analytics tracks websites and reports a wide range of metrics pertaining to the site’s traffic.

Exhibit 21.12 shows one of the dashboards for measuring website performance at Google Analytics, the most widely used web analytics service on the net. It provides a snapshot of the site’s performance over a week.

Web analytics tools and metrics used for monitoring performance are covered in Chapter Digital Marketing. As outlined in that chapter, the following metrics that are useful for assessing a website’s health and performance:

  • Unique Visitors: The number of users who visit the site over the reporting period.
  • New Visitors: The number of first-ever unique visitors (Assumes cookies have not been deleted).
  • Repeat Visitors: The number of unique visitors who visit the site more than once during reporting period.
  • Conversions: Number of visitors who complete a target action such as purchasing something, subscribing to newsletter etc.
  • Conversion Rate: Proportion of visitors who perform a target action.
  • Bounce Rate: Proportion of visitors who leave the site without visiting any page other than their landing page.
  • Abandonment Rate: Proportion of visitors who start but do not complete a target action.
  • Cost per Conversion (CPCon): Cost of ad campaign divided by the total number of conversions resulting from the campaign. (Inbound URL from ad is tagged).

Depending on your imperatives and initiatives, some of these measures are of greater significance. For instance, if your imperative is to drive traffic, you need to track unique, new and repeat visitors, and their bounce rate. For gated offers, on the other hand, you should track conversions, conversion rate and cost per conversion.

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