Facebook Marketing — Singer Sewing Company

Facebook Marketing — Singer Sewing Company

Exhibit 14.3   Singer wooing young women and men.

Old Singer sewing machines evoke fond memories of an age gone by. While grandmothers remain proud owners of these beautiful, precisely engineered machines, their grandchildren have no interest in sewing. What once used to be a core household activity is of little relevance since the proliferation of readymade garments.

In today’s scenario, Singer Sewing Company is targeting a different segment, a different need state. (Refer exhibits 14.3, 14.4). As opposed to a household chore, sewing is characterized as an art form. The company is portraying sewing as a creative, enjoyable, exciting activity. To inspire people to stitch unique, innovative designs that satisfy their need to express their identity.

Facebook Marketing — Singer Sewing Company portrays Sewing as a creative and enjoyable activity

Exhibit 14.4   Sewing portrayed as a creative and enjoyable activity — a way to express one’s identity.

The target is young adults, and the aim is to enlist new users. It is a complicated, challenging undertaking as it involves changing mindsets, and training new users. In this context, the Facebook campaigns blend well with Singer’s YouTube platform that supports an extensive array of training videos that teach beginners how to stitch.

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