Paid Options

Considering the decline in organic reach, to target more eyeballs, marketers will increasingly need to rely on Facebook’s paid options. There are two routes to consider — page boosting and Facebook advertising.

Boost Post

Exhibit 14.6 “Boost Post” button. Source: facebook blueprint.

Marketer can “boost” their post by clicking on the “Boost Post” button on the bottom right of their post (Exhibit 14.6). Boosting allows them to expand the audience beyond the post’s organic reach. Boosted posts appear in news feeds, not in the right column. Marketer have the option to choose their audience, and set a budget based on how many people they want to reach on Facebook and Instagram, and how long they would like their boost to run.

Boosted ads come with three targeting options:

  • People who like your Page — targets your fans.
  • People who like your Page and their friends — in addition to your fans, this includes their friends as well.
  • People you choose through targeting — allows you to filter the audience based on location, interests, age and gender.

Though it is easy to use, boosting a post is not the recommended approach if you are seeking to optimize your returns on advertising spend. This is because, in the context of digital marketing, your targeting options are severely limited. Facebook is engineered to finely target advertising, yet in the absence of campaign objectives and targeting options, it optimizes boost posts purely for greater engagement — i.e., more likes, shares, comments and so on. For those marketers who are seeking other objectives such as conversion or sending people to their website, they are constrained by the lack of control on placement of posts (i.e. mobile vs. desktop) as also the lack of targeting options.

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