Facebook Marketing — Vegemite

Facebook Marketing — Vegemite

Exhibit 14.2   Vegemite engages with consumers on Facebook to strengthen brand equity.

The key issue confronting Vegemite, an iconic, quintessential Australian brand, is a declining user base. While household penetration levels are still high, the yeast-based breakfast spread is not as popular with some demographics including immigrants and families without children.

In an effort to revitalize the brand, Vegemite’s core objective on Facebook is to increase usage, retain consumers, and regain lapsed users. The aim is to keep the much-loved brand top-of-mind by generating excitement and buzz.

Mindful that consumption is limited to mornings, the page presents a variety Western and Asian recipes illustrating novel ways of consumption occasions that push Vegemite beyond breakfast.

The content on the brand’s Facebook page reinforces positive associations, and especially its Australian heritage. This is evident from the tagline “tastes like Australia” as well as the content highlighting the distinguishing facets of the country.

While centred on Australia and on Australians, mindful of the need to woo the growing immigrant population, the campaigns successfully capture the diversity of cultures in the nation, and the variations in the way Vegemite is consumed, across the different races.

To appreciate what Vegemite is trying to achieve, check out the content, including this video, on the brand’s Facebook page.

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