Content — Best Practices

Focus: The distinguishing characteristic of tweets is that they are short, limited by the 280-character limit. Within that constraint, it is best to focus on a single message, and only the most relevant image, hashtag and call-to-action. Do not distract followers with superfluous elements and content.

Hashtag: Hashtags as mentioned are used to categorize topics. The correct use of hashtags ensure that conversations are easily found by users searching for them.

Connect with What’s Happening/Latch onto “Trends” As illustrated by Oreo’s Super Bowl tweet and KitKat’s #bendgate tweet, exhibits 15.2 and 15.3, capturing the moment and/or joining trending discussions are great ways to attract attention.

Creativity: As with content in general, the need to entertain and inform remains key to success. Both the Oreo and KitKat are good examples of the use of creativity at an opportune trending moment, to capture eyeballs.

Create a Sense of Urgency: Twitter’s spontaneity evokes action. (e.g. offer ends in 24 hours).

Go Visual: As with other media, tweets with images and videos have much higher engagement rate than those that only contain text.

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