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Twitter Marketing - Success Story: Oreo's Super Bowl tweet (dunking time) capitalizing on a power outage.

Exhibit 21.4   Oreo wins Super Bowl — capitalizing on a power outage, it reminds consumers it’s Oreo dunking time.

Twitter Marketing - Success Story: KitKat’s #bendgate tweet

Exhibit 21.5   KitKat’s #bendgate.

Focus: Twitter’s defining feature is its character limit of 280, so it is essential to focus on a single message and include only the most relevant image, hashtag, and call-to-action. Avoid adding unnecessary elements that can distract followers.

Hashtag: Use hashtags to categorize topics, ensuring that conversations are easily found by users searching for them.

Connect with What’s Happening/Latch onto “Trends” Connect with What’s Happening/Latch onto “Trends” Joining trending discussions or capturing the moment, as illustrated by Oreo’s Super Bowl tweet and KitKat’s #bendgate tweet (exhibits 21.4 and 21. 5), are great ways to attract attention.

Creativity: Entertainment, and interesting and remarkable content are key to success. The use of creativity at an opportune trending moment, such as Oreo and KitKat’s tweets, can capture eyeballs.

Create a Sense of Urgency: Twitter’s spontaneity evokes action. For example, including “offer ends in 24 hours” can create a sense of urgency.

Go Visual: Tweets with images and videos have much higher engagement rates than those containing only text, so consider adding visuals to your tweets.

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