Twitter Analytics

Exhibit 15.20   Tweet activity report. (Source: American Academic Pediatrics).

Twitter’s analytics helps marketers understand their tweets’ impact on the development of their products and services. The platform supports comprehensive reports on user’s tweets, audiences events and so on.

Three core facilities are provided:

  • Account home is the Twitter report card, with high-level statistics tracked from month to month. Twitter describes it as a “gallery of greatest hits”, spotlighting top-performing tweets and introducing tweeters to the influencers in their network.
  • Tweet activity dashboard supports metrics for all the tweets, revealing how many times Twitter users have seen, retweeted, liked and replied to each tweet.
  • Audience insights dashboard contains information about followers. Tweeters can track their follower growth over time and learn more about their followers’ interests and demographics.
  • As can be seen from Exhibit 15.20, the tweet activity dashboard provides information on impressions, tweets, and tweets and replies. The information covers both organic and promoted tweets. Engagement metrics such as retweets, likes and replies are also available.

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