Twitter “trends” - #BirdBoxChallenge

Exhibit 15.1b   Twitter “trends” such as #BirdBoxChallenge and #IceBucketChallenge are essentially fads that last a few days.

What Twitter classifies as trends are essentially fads. They include topics such as the #BirdBoxChallenge and the #IceBucketChallenge (Exhibit 15.1b) that are popular (more frequently tagged) at a given time and exclude those that are popular all the time. Therefore, novelty is an important ingredient.

While this implies that “trending” topics are not talked about for more than a few days, they do sometimes leave lasting memories.

Trends are filtered according to the user’s interests, who he follows and his geographical location. Users have the option to see trends in other locations, including worldwide, by changing the location setting for trends.

Clicking on a trending hashtag or keyword shows tweets with that hashtag.

The reach and visibility of a trending topic is enhanced as they start appearing in users’ trends list. Twitter also highlights the handle for these topics, which further boosts its popularity.

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