Content — Best Practices on Instagram

Instagram Content Best Practices - Sangeeta Charan - Instagram Posts to showcase her paintings in diverse settings.

Exhibit 22.3   Sangeeta Charan uses Instagram Posts to showcase her paintings in diverse settings.

Instagram Content Best Practices - Sangeeta Charan - Instagram Video to demonstrate the painting process.

Exhibit 22.4   Use of Instagram Video to demonstrate the painting process.

Instagram Content Best Practices - Instagram Video - Art to music - Painting ‘A Magical Moment’ by Sangeeta Charan, is set 
             to music by Margin Alexander, composer and pianist.

Exhibit 22.5   Art to music — In this video the painting ‘A Magical Moment’ by Sangeeta Charan, is set to music by Margin Alexander, composer and pianist.

Instagram Content Best Practices - Instagram Post - Art Jam at Sangeeta Charan’s art studio and workshop.

Exhibit 22.6   Art Jam at Sangeeta’s art studio and workshop.

Exhibits 22.3 to 22.6 showcase different ways that artist Sangeeta Charan engages with her followers and promotes her art on Instagram. Exhibit 22.3 demonstrates her use of a favourable indoor setting to showcase her artwork, while Exhibit 22.4 features a video that provides a tutorial on her painting process, which can be of interest to those who want to learn more about painting. This can also establish the artist as an expert in their field.

Exhibit 22.5 is an example of Sangeeta’s fusion of art with music, where her painting is set to music by Margin Alexander, composer and pianist. Finally, Exhibit 22.6 takes followers on a tour of Sangeeta’s studio and workshop, where participants of an art jam present their paintings. This can be a way for the artist to reach out to potential students interested in taking art classes at her studio.


The exhibits illustrate how Sangeeta Charan uses various creative approaches on Instagram to engage with her followers and build a sense of affinity with them. The use of images, videos, and music in a variety of backdrops emphasize different aspects of her art and appeals to a diverse range of personalities, or individuals as they shift from one mind-state to another.

By showcasing her creative process, providing tutorials, and sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of her studio and workshop, Sangeeta is offering her followers a more intimate and personalized look into her art and her life as an artist. This can help to strengthen the bond between Sangeeta and her followers, as well as foster a sense of community and shared interest in art.

Creating remarkable content that informs, entertains, and attracts interest is key to fostering affinity with an audience on social networks like Instagram. High-quality images and videos are especially important on a visually-oriented platform like Instagram, as they can help to engage users and keep them interested in your content.

To expand reach, it is important to post when followers are most active on the platform, spending more time on the platform and scrolling further down their feed. You should also be committed to responding quickly to comments and questions, as this helps to foster dialogue and build stronger connections with followers. Asking questions in posts can also be a useful way to initiate conversations and encourage engagement.

Using Live video and Instagram pods can help to boost visibility and engagement with followers. Additionally, posting frequently and consistently increases the likelihood that your content will appear in their feed, and that you remain top of mind.

Search Optimization

The correct use of hashtags is important for search optimization, as it can help conversations to be easily found by users searching for relevant topics. Tools like Hashtagify can be helpful for finding relevant and popular hashtags to use in posts. Additionally, latching onto trending hashtags can substantially increase the organic reach of content.

Collaborating with influencers using Instagram Collab is another way to tap into their networks and reach new target audiences.

To reach out to a wide audience, marketers ultimately need to rely on advertising. By using Meta’s extensive user database and targeting options, they can personalize and target their ads to specific audiences. Boosting posts and using paid advertising can help to increase visibility and engagement with target audiences.

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