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In the profile, the bio is where users get to describe themselves. And since bios have a 150-character limit, they need to be direct and concise. For businesses, they also need to be configured and worded to optimize for search engine.

Keywords, hashtags and emojis are searchable on Instagram so placing them in the profile increases the chance of getting discovered when people search in the explore tab.

Website Link

The profile is also the place where users can place a URL link to drive traffic to an external site. The site that the link points to needs to be mobile-optimized since the vast majority of users are viewing Instagram on mobile.

Since users are unable to place URLs in their posts, as their immediate marketing objectives shift, businesses may consider updating the profile URL to point to a landing page that is better aligned with their most recent posts and priorities.

For instance, if an artist is hosting an exhibition, they might consider changing their profile link to the exhibition’s landing page for the duration of the exhibition.

Linktree and UTM

Marketers may also consider using Linktree, a facility that creates a simple landing page that hosts multiple links. They can then use this as their profile link to drive traffic to specific areas of their site or to different sites. For instance, they could have links pointing to their website as well as their YouTube brand channel and other relevant sites.

Businesses might consider adding a UTM (Urchin Traffic Monitor) to their URL to enable analytic tools like Google Analytics to track the performance of specific marketing initiatives on Instagram. They may consider the use of a link shortener to create a shorter, more aesthetic URL. And they can also use emojis to draw attention to the link.

Call-to-Action Buttons

Profiles also allow for the inclusion of call-to-action (CTA) buttons such as “Shop Now”, “Book Now”, or “Contact Us”. The CTA should preferably be located before the website URL, to increase the visibility and effectiveness of the CTA. This is because the URL may be truncated in the profile display, whereas the CTA button is always visible. Additionally, including a clear and compelling CTA can help to drive traffic to a website or other desired action, and can be a valuable tool for businesses and marketers on Instagram.

A/B Testing

Marketers should create a few different versions of their profile with varied content and CTAs, and A/B test them to optimize for search engines.

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