Internal Linkages

Internal linkages - SEO - example where important webpages are burried

Exhibit 18.12   Traffic flow to Workshop pages is constrained since these pages are buried within their sections.

Internal linkages - SEO - example how to improve flow

Exhibit 18.13   Traffic to workshop pages improves substantially through links placed in the home page and at the footer.

The depiction of the Studio Fine Art website shown in Exhibit 18.12 has the home page as the top level. This is the primary landing page, and the pages at other levels are linked via the top menu.

While this exhibit depicts a logically structured site, it fails to optimally channel traffic to the pages describing the workshops and the artists. These pages remain buried within the structure’s hierarchy. They are the most important pages, considering that the site’s purpose is to promote the workshops and the artists.

A website is multi-directional; it should not be organized linearly like a physical brochure. Manoeuvrability is greatly enhanced by inter-linking pages so that users can easily go where they want to go, and so that the site can effortlessly lead customers down the conversion path.

It is important for the Studio Fine Art website that additional links are planted to lead customers to the workshops and artists. As shown in Exhibit 18.13, links to these pages should be placed within the body of the home page.

Additional links to the workshops are now also appearing in the footer. Since the headers and footers are placed on all pages, it ensures that wherever the user goes within the site, there are at least two routes taking her to each of the workshop pages.

Moreover, because these additional links are keyword rich they further improve the site’s ranking on search result pages.

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