SEO — Exercise

Evaluate the HomeFinder property portal or your company’s website in terms of search optimization. Pay attention particularly to the following aspect:

  • What keywords is the site targeting? Consider long and short keywords, synonyms.
  • What is the keyword density? Does it lie within the optimum range?
  • Where do the keywords appear on the web pages? Do the page title, page description, URL, headers, anchors and images (alt) contain important keywords?
  • Do internal linkages direct traffic to the most valuable pages? What additional linkages could help improve the flow?
  • Use Google’s Search Console to track inbound links. What can be done to increase the number and diversity of inbound links?
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Note: To find content on MarketingMind type the acronym ‘MM’ followed by your query into the search bar. For example, if you enter ‘mm consumer analytics’ into Chrome’s search bar, relevant pages from MarketingMind will appear in Google’s result pages.

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