Category, Brand and Competitor Keyword

Besides long and short tail descriptors, keywords may also be classified according to whether they target category seekers, the company’s product or brand seekers, or the competitor’s product seekers.

Category keywords are generic, short tail keywords, relating to almost any product or service in the category. For example, Shampoo, Soap, Body Wash, Feel Fresh etc.

Brand keywords are the phrases that are tightly bound to a brand. Taking Dove body wash as an example, these would include “one-quarter moisturising cream”, “real beauty”, “self-esteem”, “Dove body wash” etc.

Competitor keywords target a competitor’s keywords. This can be an effective strategy especially for a small player if the target competitor is a much stronger player. Taking Dove once more as an example, if the brand wants to target Johnsons body wash, they may target the Keyword “for all you love”.

When pursuing competitor keywords, one needs to be mindful of legal implications especially when targeting trademarks such as brand names, as this is illegal in a number of countries.

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