Attracting Inbound Links

Inbound links - SEO - Google Search Console facility to track inbound links

Exhibit 18.20   Google Search Console provides facilities to track inbound links.

Securing inbound hyperlinks from influential external sites is a priority for any commercial website. These crucial pathways bring traffic to the site. Moreover, since they are a reflection of the “authority” of a site, the quantity and the quality of inbound links is a key measure for page ranking by search engines like Google. Thus, the site’s potential to secure links is a key barometer for success. And it all boils down to content — a site with useful, noteworthy content will draw attention and attract links.

Details of how to craft noteworthy content that is of interest to prospective customers, is covered in Chapter Digital Marketing, particularly under the section Content is King.

A number of tools are available online for tracking inbound links. These include Google Search Console, a snapshot of which is provided in Exhibit 18.20.

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