Text Ads

LinkedIn Advertising - Anatomy of a Text Ad

Exhibit 24.11   Anatomy of a text ad.

Text ads are a cost-effective form of display advertising on LinkedIn, with costs ranging from USD 2 to over USD 5 depending on several factors. Advertisers can use text ads to finely target audiences based on demographics such as company, job title, function, seniority, school, skills, age, gender, and more.

The ads appear on the sidebar or at the top. As depicted in the ad development interface, Exhibit 24.11, these ads comprise of the following elements:

  • Headline. This is limited to 25 characters, so it needs to be succinct and forceful.
  • Ad copy. Limited to 75 characters.
  • Destination URL.
  • Image. As this is a thumbnail, it should not contain much detail.

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