LinkedIn — Exercise

LinkedIn Marketing example - Singapore Airlines

Exhibit 17.19   LinkedIn is of great relevance to organizations like Singapore Airlines where employees are key to branding, and customers are business professionals.

What are your key objectives on LinkedIn? Consider:

  • Focussing on people and hiring. Communication to employees. LinkedIn is of much relevance to companies that face challenges hiring and retaining the right people.
  • To specifically target companies/industries (B2B).

What content/advertising messages would work best on LinkedIn? Consider:

  • Quality of work life. Career prospects. Progression. In some countries, Japan for instance, companies use the platform to share details on benefits and salaries.
  • Advertising of products and services targeting professions, for instance, affluent millennials.

What type of products/services are best suited for marketing on LinkedIn? Consider:

  • Jobs.
  • Business marketing related offerings. Property agencies for instance can use to platform to market commercial properties including offices, factories, warehouses etc.
  • Products and services for business professionals. Airlines, for instance, target business travellers. Educational institutions may use the platform to market courses.
    LinkedIn is particularly well suited for finely targeting job functions e.g. marketing, finance, and especially human resources and learning & development.

How should LinkedIn communication/advertising differ from other platforms? Consider:

  • People centric content including recruitment ads.
  • Communication that celebrates/showcase employees. LinkedIn can be effectively used to engage with employees and strengthen morale.
  • Reinforcing service quality image in organizations where the employee is key to branding, especially in instances where employees directly interface with clients to impart value. For instance, Singapore Girl (Exhibit 17.19) is central to Singapore Airlines branding. Similarly property consultants at real estate agencies are vital to their value proposition.
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