LinkedIn Marketing for Businesses

LinkedIn Marketing for Businesses - McKinsey & Company

Exhibit 24.4   McKinsey uses LinkedIn to reach out to its employees and its customers.

LinkedIn is a powerful platform that businesses can use to market their products and services, engage with their community of employees, customers, followers and interested stakeholders, and seek and engage with prospective employees. It provides a unique opportunity for businesses to establish themselves as thought leaders, build their network, and reach their target audience.

One great example of a business effectively leveraging LinkedIn is McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm. McKinsey uses LinkedIn in multiple ways (Exhibit 24.4) to engage with their target audience. They publish thought-provoking content that address timely issues and challenges facing businesses, covering a wide range of topics, including industry trends, innovation, and leadership.

LinkedIn plays a key role in McKinsey’s recruitment efforts. The firm regularly posts job openings, and shares insights into company culture and values to attract top talent.

McKinsey uses LinkedIn to network with clients and other professionals in their industry. They engage in groups and discussions on the platform to share insights and build relationships with potential clients.

In addition, McKinsey utilizes LinkedIn’s advertising capabilities to target specific audiences with sponsored content and display ads. They leverage demographic factors such as job title and industry to ensure that their message reaches the appropriate individuals.

Since LinkedIn is a two-way communication platform, posts can spark engagement and conversation. The organization’s community can respond via comments, likes, and reposts, and they can also share the posts by sending them to other members on the network.

Core marketing objectives relate to building corporate and brand awareness, generating leads, drawing customers to the organization’s websites, making new business connections and nurturing existing business relationships.

LinkedIn is a boon for companies that face challenges hiring and retaining the right people. Companies should share content and advertise on quality of work life, career prospects, and career progression. In Japan, where many organizations offer lifetime employment, some companies share details about salaries and corporate benefits on the platform.

Because LinkedIn is a network of professionals, it is particularly useful for business marketing purposes and for marketing to professionals. Advertisers can target industry sectors, companies, as well as individuals via job titles, job function, seniority, education, gender, age, and years of experience. By leveraging LinkedIn’s advertising capabilities, businesses can effectively reach their target audience and achieve their marketing objectives.

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