Organic Reach

An individual’s profile page is the place on LinkedIn to reach out to other professionals or prospective employers. Members can upload information pertaining to their professional and educational experiences, projects, publications, interests and other relevant areas.

Organizations may create their own company pages to market their organization on LinkedIn. Typical options include Home, About, Posts, Jobs, Life, People, Events, Videos, Showcase, Alumni etc. Some of these options are described below:

  • Home: Overview of the organization.
  • Life or Career pages serve to provide prospective candidates a view into the company’s culture with employee-centric content.
  • Showcase Pages are extensions of the Company Page to spotlighting a brand, business unit, or initiative. They allow organizations to create pages with relevant content for different aspects of their business.

Organizations can promote their Company and Showcase Pages by linking through “Follow” buttons from emails, newsletters, blogs, and other marketing channels. Similarly, individuals too can promote their profile pages.

One of the most effective ways of expanding reach on LinkedIn is by publishing noteworthy articles and posts. These, of course, can spread organically, as well as be advanced through paid options.

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