LinkedIn Analytics — Posts and Articles

LinkedIn Post and Activity Analytics

Exhibit 17.14   Posts and Activity page provides metrics for recent posts.

LinkedIn’s analytics is useful for evaluating posts/campaigns, refining tactics and plans, and optimizing budgets.

Organic and paid reach is measured and monitored via in-built analytics. The key metrics include:

  • Follower: The number of followers are shown on member’s profile page.
  • Views: Home page reveals how many viewed the member’s profile, and how many viewed the most recent post.
  • Engagement: Members can track how their posts were received through likes, comments as well as views. This information is obtained via the Posts & Activity tab as shown in Exhibit 17.14.
  • Demographics: Post analytics provides break-up of viewers across organizations, job functions and locations. (See example in Exhibit 17.15).
  • Administrators can access finer details on their viewers’ engagement such as count of clicks, likes, comments, shares, followers acquired and total level of engagement. This is useful for evaluating performance of organic and sponsored content.

LinkedIn Post Analytics Example: Organization, Job function, Location

Exhibit 17.15   Post Analytics — Example.

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