LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn’s prime advantage is the platform’s ability to target members and engage them in a professional context. The medium offer unique features such as Follow Company Ads, and the ability to target professional groups.

Advertisers should tailor the ad copy and headline for different audiences, and direct each of them to landing pages with the most relevant content.

The cost of display ads is usually above USD 2 per click. LinkedIn pegs a good click through rate at 0.025%, however well targeted ads can perform significantly better.

The power of advertising on LinkedIn lies in the ability to finely-target professionals in the context of business marketing. Targeting is based on member-generated data, which at LinkedIn includes:

  • Demographics: Job titles, job function, seniority, company industry, company size, education, gender, age, years of experience.
  • Location.
  • Interests: Skills, field of study, group membership.
  • Persona: Job searchers, opinion leaders, mass affluent, business travellers.
  • Own audience data: Targeting based on advertiser’s account lists.

As with other well-established social platforms, LinkedIn allows advertisers to track the impact of their ads through built-in campaign and website analytics.

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