LinkedIn Analytics for Advertising

LinkedIn’s analytics supports a wide range of metrics to evaluating advertising campaigns. These include metrics relating to audience and engagement measurement as well as conversions.

Audience and behavioural/social engagement:

  • Impressions,
  • Clicks,
  • Click-through-rate,
  • Social actions,
  • CPC (cost per click),
  • CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and spend.

Conversion metrics:

  • Leads,
  • Sign-ups,
  • Content downloads,
  • Purchases, and
  • Other desired actions on sponsored content and text ad campaigns.

Information on impressions, clicks, CTR, conversions and conversion rate is available across demographics:

  • Industry,
  • Job title,
  • Seniority,
  • Function,
  • Company size,
  • Location and
  • Country.

Exhibit 17.16, 17.17 and 17.18 depict the metrics and the analytics interfaces in LinkedIn’s to track campaign performance. Exhibit 17.16 provides a summary for the campaigns over the selected time range. Users may want to select the “all time” option to see a campaign’s from the time it was launched.

LinkedIn Advertising Analytics across campaigns over time and across demographics

Exhibit 17.16   Advertising Analytics across campaigns. The highlighted Performance Chart and the Demographic tab lead to exhibits 17.17, 17.18, depicting the campaign performance over time, and the demographics.

LinkedIn Advertising Analytics — Performance Chart, tracking metrics over time

Exhibit 17.17   Advertising Analytics — Performance Chart, tracking metrics over time.

LinkedIn Advertising Analytics — Demographics

Exhibit 17.18   Advertising Analytics — Demographics.