Sponsored Messaging

LinkedIn Advertising - Message Ad

Exhibit 24.10   Sponsored message ad.

LinkedIn sponsored messaging ads come in two formats — message ad (earlier referred to as InMail) and conversation ad. This form of advertising directly engages with prospects on LinkedIn by delivering targeted, personalized messages, such as the “Would you like to explore opportunities in Robotics?” message ad shown in Exhibit 24.10, to target members’ message boxes. This boosts conversions, provided the products and services are well targeted.

With message ads, advertisers can display a targeted message with a single call-to-action button, whereas with conversation ads, they can set up multiple call-to-action buttons that link to landing pages, open a Lead Gen Form, or further engage with a follow-up message.

Sponsored messaging can be intrusive and should therefore be used sparingly and only where appropriate. It is effective when personalized such as for invitations to events and conferences.

Message ads and conversation ads are both charged on a cost-per-send or a cost-per-displayed basis.

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