Web Analytics — Framework

This section outlines the processes for setting up web analytics systems, and the framework for evaluating the performance for your website through web analytics.

Set-up Web Analytics Systems

Follow these steps to set-up web analytics platforms for your website:

  • Set-up your Google Analytics (GA4) and Google Search Console accounts or ask your website developer to do so for you.
  • Define and set-up the conversions that are of relevance to your operations.
  • Select a conversion attribution model that is suited for your business.
  • Create library reports in GA4 for reviewing your website’s performance. The reports should include the KPIs (metrics) that you track, across the dimensions (channels) that are relevant for your business.

Framework for Performance Evaluation

Follow these steps to evaluate and improve the performance of your website:

  1. Identify business imperatives and business issues.
  2. Set marketing objectives and digital marketing objectives.
  3. Specify KPIs and targets.
  4. Evaluate performance.
  5. Prepare an improvement plan with revised objectives, KPIs and targets and execute the plan. (Repeat steps 4 and 5 on an ongoing basis).

KPIs should include measures for user acquisition (users, new users, repeat users) from targeted sources of traffic, engagement (page views and other events, page duration), retention, and conversion.

In addition to evaluating the performance of the total site, the evaluation should encompass the pages of your website. You need to identify the distinct roles played by your pages (e.g., landing pages, conversion pages) and set their objectives and KPIs accordingly.

Your evaluation should determine the pages that are most important and most effective in achieving your digital marketing objectives. Use Google Optimize to enhance the performance of these pages.

Remember to repeat the evaluation process regularly to ensure that your website's performance stays on track.


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