Simple Random Sampling 

Simple random sampling is an example of a probability sampling method in which every element in the target population has an equal chance of being included in the sample. The idea behind simple random sampling is to ensure that each member of the population has an equal opportunity to be selected, thereby increasing the representativeness of the sample.

However, it is important to note that achieving a truly random sample requires not only a random sampling process but also a 100% response rate, meaning that every selected element in the sample actually participates and provides the required data. In practice, it is often difficult to achieve a 100% response rate, leading to potential biases in the “random sampling” process.

Nonresponse bias can occur when certain individuals or groups in the population are less likely to respond to the survey or study, leading to a deviation from a truly random sample. This can introduce a bias that affects the generalizability of the findings to the entire population.

To mitigate the impact of nonresponse bias, researchers often employ various techniques, such as follow-up reminders, incentives, or adjustments in data analysis, to increase the response rate and minimize the potential biases introduced by nonresponse.

Therefore, while simple random sampling is a valuable method for selecting a representative sample, it is essential to acknowledge that in practical applications, achieving a truly random sample with a 100% response rate is often unattainable, leading to potential biases that should be considered and addressed in the interpretation of research results.

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