Google Ads — Advertising Architecture

Google Ads - Advertising Architecture.

Exhibit 26.7   Google Ads — Advertising Architecture. An example.

As shown in Exhibit 26.7, Google Ads is structured into three layers — account, campaign, and group.

  • Account: Each advertiser would typically have one account, associated with a unique email address, password, and billing information. Advertisers use their account to login to Ads.
  • Campaign: Advertisers would typically maintain separate campaigns for each product or service category. It is also advisable to maintain separate campaigns for different regions because budgets are set at the campaign level. Settings such as ad scheduling, language and geo targeting (where the ads appear) are maintained at this level.
  • Group: Each group is a collection of similar ads targeting a set of keywords.

An ad usually directs traffic to a landing page. Depending on the assets, the ad may have more than one landing page, and it may contain location details and phone numbers.

Usually, the keywords targeted by the ad are the same as the ones the landing page is targeting, though this may not always be the case. An exception for instance, is the targeting of a competitor’s keywords to to divert the competitor’s traffic to the advertiser’s site.

While there is no rigid or fixed method to configuring groups, the ads within a group typically relate to a common subject or topic, and the topic relates to a product or a service.

Consider for instance a shampoo that comes in multiple variants. The broad category for such a product could be ‘hair care’, and different aspects of the category may fall into subjects such as ‘dandruff’ and ‘hair fall control’ which relate to different variants of the brand. Accordingly, the web designer develops separate webpages for each of the topics and creates ads to target the pages.

The ads within the groups are rotated so that they collectively communicate the desired messages, and lead traffic to targeted pages of the website. They may be optimized such that those with higher CTR are pitched more often.

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