Consumer Promotions

Consumer Promotions - Tiger beer in-store display and promotion

Exhibit 17.1   Tiger beer in-store display and promotion.

Consumer Promotions - Pepsi 24s Co-op advertisement of an in-store promotion

Exhibit 17.2   Co-op advertisement of an in-store promotion.

Consumer promotions, such as the one featured in Exhibit 17.2, can be highly effective in driving sales. During that particular May Day week, Pepsi sold more 24s can promo packs than the combined sales for that pack size for the rest of the year, at the major supermarket chain.

Consumer Promotions - Coca-Cola’s collectible contour glasses at McDonalds.

Exhibit 17.3   Coca-Cola’s collectible contour glasses at McDonalds.

Consumer Promotions - Coca-Cola F&N banded prosperity pack

Exhibit 17.4   Coca-Cola F&N banded prosperity pack (F&N carbonated drinks were bottled by Coca-Cola till Sept 2011).

Consumer Promotions - lucky draw promotion

Exhibit 17.5   Example of a lucky draw promotion.

There are many different types of consumer promotions including discounts, banded packs (in/on packs, Exhibit 17.4), refunds and rebates, displays, bonus packs, premiums, lucky draw (Exhibit 17.5), contests, collectibles (Exhibit 17.3), sampling, coupons, and loyalty/continuity programmes.

Banded pack promotions, like the Coca-Cola F&N banded prosperity pack showcased in Exhibit 17.4, are a type of promotion that involves bundling products together to create a special offer. This particular promotion made a special appearance during Chinese New Year 2009, featuring an auspicious orange colour to symbolize “gold”.

Displays, on the other hand, are special presentations of products designed to attract and entice shoppers at the point of purchase. There are a variety of displays available, ranging from simple to highly creative, such as the example featured in Exhibit 17.1 for Tiger Beer.

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