Category Management — Retail Mix

The dynamics of assortment, merchandising, space, price and promotion differ considerably depending on the role of the category. For instance, a destination category is likely to have an exhaustive assortment, attractive prices and many red-hot deals. On the other hand, a convenience category is likely to have a limited assortment of products that afford good margins.

The retail mix needs to be fully aligned with category roles and strategies, and should support the retailer’s action plans.

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Online Apps to train Category Managers

Online Apps to train Category Managers

The Plannogrammer is an experiential learning facility for category managers, trade marketers, and retailers in consumer markets. Ideally suited for hybrid learning programmes, Plannogrammer imparts hands-on training in the planning and evaluation of promotions and merchandising.

It supports a collection of simulation and analysis platforms such as Promotions and Space Planner for optimizing space and promotions, Plannogram for populating shelves and merchandising, a Due To Analysis dashboard that decomposes brand sales into the factors driving sales, and a Promotion Evaluator to evaluate the volume, value and profit impact of promotion plans.