Advantage of Qualitative Research

Focus Group 3

Exhibit 4.5   Observing a focus group (Photo courtesy of Strategic Research Associates).

Qualitative research offers many advantages that make it conducive for studies that are exploratory, explanatory and evaluative in nature.

  • It is quick and easy to commission and complete.
  • It draws on a wide range of stimulus materials and techniques — drawing, sorting, writing, lateral thinking.
  • It assesses both verbal and nonverbal responses from the participants.
  • It offers the flexibility to modify the process during the course of a study.
  • Decision makers can be involved as unobtrusive observers to hear consumers talk about their product. (see Exhibit 4.5)
  • Qual reports are often easy to understand. There are no elaborate models and no inferential statistics.
  • A variety of topics can be investigated using a wide range of respondents, including children.
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