Drawing and Collage

Based on a theme assigned by the moderator, drawings or collages are prepared by two or more teams. This is a useful medium for expressing intuitive ideas and associations through pictures, colours and other forms of visual art.

For instance, consider the subject of employee satisfaction. In a recent study, participants from the client firm were grouped into teams. Some teams were asked to make a drawing or collage of what the company was like, and other teams were asked to make a drawing or collage of what they would like the company to become.

Another interesting example pertained to a conflict group where participants were divided into teams based on whether or not they were supporters of a political party. The teams were then asked to develop a collage to describe the political party.

The discussion that ensues at the conclusion of these exercises may be quite intense and revealing. Because of its nature, a drawing/collage exercise is best conducted in-person at a research facility.

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