Permission Marketing

Permission marketing: Property portal seeks users’ permission to alert

Exhibit 12.10 seeks users’ permission to alert them when a new property post matches their search settings.

As they face the reality of the new media, marketers are embracing a number of new marketing perspectives. One such perspective, permission marketing, is defined as the practice of marketing to consumers after gaining their express permission. It contrasts with “interruption marketing” such as mass media campaigns, which consumers have come to expect, but not necessarily appreciate.

In a broader context, facilitated by technology, marketers should use analytics to understand consumers so that their marketing communication is personalized and better targeted. This relates to the concepts of inbound marketing and personalization.

The term permission marketing was popularized by Seth Godin who described it as “the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them” (Godin, 1999). Opting into newsfeeds, signing up for alerts and following friends on social media are examples of permission marketing. It works by inducing consumers to grant permission via relevant and interesting content, or by means of attractive incentives such as discounts or free samples.

Take for example the property search engine, Exhibit 12.10. The portal seeks users’ permission to alert them when a new property post matches their search settings.

Effective permission marketing works because, as Godin says, it is anticipated, personal and relevant.

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