New Rules, New Perspectives

The rules of engagement have changed with the empowerment of people. Political leaders need to emphatically listen to their voters and keep in tune with their sentiments. Business leaders need to emphatically listen to their consumers and keep in tune with their need and preferences. There is need for change in style of management/government from dictating to collaborating, from propaganda to engagement, from one-way communication to a dialogue.

Undoubtedly marketers are adapting though the extent they embrace the new rules varies from organization to organization, and country to country.

While the marketing fundamental have not changed, a host of new perspectives have emerged in the digitally transformed landscape. These include:

While the new rules and perspectives afford great opportunities, they also pose big challenges.

Priorities have changed. For instance, listening and engaging is taking precedence even as brands continue to talk to consumers. In addition to “consumer impressions” (number of people who get to see or hear an advertisement), marketers are increasingly tracking “consumer expressions” (people who engage with the brand).

Meanwhile media is in a state of flux. As new technologies come into play, the industry dynamics keep changing.

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