Persuasive advertisements create a positive shift in disposition towards the brand, usually leading to increased intention to use among non-users and increased behavioural loyalty among current users.

Persuasion is akin to what Brown referred to as “immediate impact”. Consumers are persuaded by advertising if it says something new that is relevant and credible. The impact is self-evident — over the years, many remarkable products (e.g., Volkswagen Beetle, Walkman, Pert Plus, iPad, Tesla) that were novel, relevant and credible when launched, experienced immediate sales gains through advertising.

By attracting new users who become loyal to the brand, persuasive advertising has a long-term impact on sales. However, the impact of these ads diminishes as consumers who are receptive to the message are persuaded quickly, while those who are not receptive are unlikely to be swayed by repeated viewings of the same commercial. To overcome this challenge and expand the customer base through persuasive advertising, marketers need to create a series of advertisements that highlight diverse benefits of the product. By emphasizing different aspects of the product, marketers can attract a broader audience and increase the likelihood of persuading potential customers who were not convinced by earlier ads.

Consider, for example, a government’s campaign to encourage young couples to have more babies. Initially, officials promoted tax incentives as a means of persuading couples to have children. While some couples were convinced by these incentives, others were not, and repeating the same offer would likely not change their minds. Therefore, the government shifted their approach and introduced a new argument that having babies was a duty to the country and society. This message aimed to appeal to a sense of responsibility and patriotism among couples. However, this approach may also have limited impact on those who did not view having children as a duty.

Finally, the government adopted a program that focused on tapping into people’s emotions and feelings. This campaign aimed to communicate the immense joy, fulfilment, and unconditional love that children bring to our lives. By emphasizing the positive emotional benefits of having children, the government was able to broaden its appeal to a wider audience.

Overall, this example demonstrates the importance of using a multifaceted approach when trying to persuade people. By shifting the focus of the message and highlighting different benefits, the government was able to reach a wider audience and increase the likelihood of persuading those who were initially not receptive to the idea.

Persuasion is the preferred mechanism to appeal to consumers to try new products. It is also the mechanism of choice for impulse products, where it acts as the trigger to tempt people to purchase.

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