Behavioural Engagement

A range of technologies exist today that help us track user-initiated interactions on the net. Three fields are of particular relevance, namely web analytics, social analytics and eye tracking.

Web analytics provides a wealth of real-time metrics, including views, view time, view-through rate (VTR), and a range of interaction metrics such as clicks, click-through rate (CTR), taps, swipes, and display view-through (i.e., brand site visits that could have been influenced by the ad within a look-back window). The CTR, for example, is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to measure the effectiveness of campaigns with call-to-action triggers.

Eye tracking is a useful tool that enables advertisers to measure consumers’ attention and spontaneous responses to advertisements. By tracking and recording where people look, how they move their gaze, and measuring gaze time and gaze rate, advertisers can optimize the design and placement of ads.

Social analytics, meanwhile, provides valuable information on comments and a range of quantitative measures such as likes, follows, and shares, which reflect consumer affinity or emotional engagement.

Overall, the use of these technologies allows advertisers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how users interact with their content and provides insights for improving the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

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